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Thanks for your support of Sandy of Cthulhu! Because of your enthusiastic support, Sandy has continued to create and upload content to help us all get through the toughest year ever!

Here are the stats:

  • Sandy joined YouTube 807 days ago.
  • Sandy uploaded 546 minutes of content.
  • From his first video upload until now, our fans have smashed that like button 11,714 times!
  • Our community is growing — you’ve left 2,128 comments and shared Sandy’s videos 1,020 times.
  • This past year, Sandy gained 3,874 subscribers and 139,204 new views.
  • Viewers spent 920,279 minutes watching his videos in 2020!
  • Sandy’s videos received 10,432 likes in 2020 🤩

Here’s to more creative fun in 2021!