We’ve had trouble keeping our new family game in stock, but it’s finally available once again!

With Summer now in full swing, you may spend less time indoors playing heavy games and you may be looking for a pocket sized game that brings fun everywhere. Quivit is just that — an easy-to-learn game for young and old alike!

If you love fast moving, family friendly card games, Quivit will become your next favorite!

Quivit is a simple and fun grid-based card game playable on any surface. Cards are arranged in a 5 x 5 grid with players rotating cards with random color squares to match adjoining cards with like colors to score points.

Numerous optional rules are included to make Quivit competitive for all age levels. A single eight-sided die is included which can optionally be used with the Random Color rule. A timepiece is also included for the optional Timed rule. Quivit also includes rules for team participation if you have a large group of players.

Hungry Gamer Review of Quivit: “What I like the best is there is a certain joy in making a rotation and then finding a way for it to lock into a whole bunch of tiles at once. It’s simply delightful! I also love all the variants available to make it more challenging.” Watch full review