Our New Projects on Gamefound

We are excited to announce a new partnership! Petersen Games is working with Gamefound to launch a 4-game crowdfunding project called Monster Invasion featuring four new games … each with a different theme, a wildly different gameplay, each from a different designer, each a terrifying addition to any game collection!

THE BEST THING ABOUT IT: all four of the Monster Invasion games have already been designed, manufactured and shipped to our warehouses!

Review of Invasion of the Brood by Guildmaster Gaming
One of our Monster Invasion February Releases

Invasion of the Brood is the classic sci-fi story of Earth being invaded. It is set in our current time, so there are no special weapons technology to learn to play. The rulebook gives good instructions and examples to get everyone up to speed quickly and easily. The board, pieces, and rules are easy to use.

Invasion of the Brood is a good one-on-one strategy game that is balanced to give both sides a chance at winning or losing the game. The number of options a player can choose from give the game the ability to be played multiple times, back-to-back, without it feeling like it is predetermined what is going to happen.

The games we played were close, the world hanging in the balance of a few moments and the outcome of a single turn. The closeness of the outcomes was strong enough to pull us back to attempt another game, with a slight change in our choices. Or, to attempt something completely different.

I recommend Invasion of the Brood for players who like: One-on-one strategy, Sci-fi themes (especially invasion themed sci-fi), Faster paced strategy games.