In this installment Sandy introduces the outer abomination, a hybrid of mortals and an Outer God.

Meet the Monster: Outer Abomination

Outer abominations, much like outer mutants and outer spawn, are hybrids of mortals and beings from outside normal reality, typically descended from Outer Gods. When these offspring reach the abomination stage of development, they can no longer pass for mortal creatures.

Every outer abomination is unique. Generally, such beings are still clearly derived from a humanoid form and are still in the process of ongoing change. They have a face that buds from or is embossed upon some part of their upper body, and they usually still have hands and legs of a sort. Their transforming bodies often leave their inner organs open to the air, and they sprout tentacles or spawning sacs. They can grow quite large—up to 12 feet in height and a ton or more in weight.

As long as it regularly siphons fatal amounts of blood and spiritual energy from creatures, an abomination grows steadily larger and more powerful until it eventually transforms into an outer spawn. Most outer abominations must feed daily for several months to become outer spawn.