Gugs are creatures so evil that even the Mythos gods once banned them from the surface world of the Dreamlands.

Meet the Monster: Gug

Their legends remind them of the tasty nature of sur­face-dwellers, driving their lust to return, and they have been seeking measures to circumvent the gods’ ban.

Since the ban does not apply to the waking world, they have been appearing there in increasing numbers.

Physical Attributes: Gugs are a civilization of giant black-furred carnivores. Their arms terminate in two forearms each, giving them four spade-clawed hands. Their mouths are vertical slits and they have eyes on each side of their heads.

Gugs are enormous: a typical gug is about 12 feet tall, and some reach heights of 20 feet. They weigh at least 1,500 pounds. Gugs hardly make a sound as they move.