The second element to form, after Darkness, the Sea floats between the netherworld and the surface. Its vast depths in parts are truly bottomless.


The Drowner, brutish sea god of who wields the bone trident of death.

Thanks to his stern and forceful nature, the Chaos Rift was eventually closed, and his power still looms balefully over any battle at sea.


he keeper of wisdom, the god who rules the Baths of Nelat, which purge and dissolve, but then give the deep secret knowledge only learned from Daliath – wisest of Gods.

Triolina – Lifegiver

The sea has many varieties of life – far more than the land or air.

This is due to the influence of Triolina, who takes a million forms. Her matings populate the deep sea, the coral reefs, and the blue-lit shores.