Check out this week’s Lore from Glorantha, the mythical universe behind Glorantha: The Gods War, and review the new Gods that will be part of our January 20 Kickstarter campaign!  Learn more about Glorantha by going here:

The Origins of The Gods War: Dragons

Dragons in Glorantha are not merely a species of reptile, but potent primal forces who helped mold the world. Every dragon is unique – in the Gods War, each dragon has a different bauplan (or body arrangement). The Brown Dragon has six legs, plus a pair of wings.

The Black Dragon, most similar to a European dragon, has four legs plus wings. The Red Dragon only has two legs, making it more of a wyvern. And the Dragon Emperor of the Sky has no legs at all, just a winged serpentine body.

These forms act as a reminder to the player just how unusual dragons are in the mythology of Glorantha

Lore of the Earth

Babeester Gor

In Glorantha, the Earth is a gigantic cube that floats in the cosmic ocean. The Earth gods are generally benign, but were forced to conflict with the duress of the Gods War.

Almost all cultures worship one or more Earth deities in addition to their own major ones, thus the Earth persists and lies beneath all of us.

Babeester Gor – the Virgin of war, she who targets oathbreakers and kinslayers and guards the shrines of Earth.


Asrelia – the Crone of wealth. She is the owner of all wealth under the earth – both that which is there naturally (gems, metal), and that which is hidden up there, such as buried treasure.

She is not miserly though, and can grant gifts to the deserving.

Maran Gor

Maran Gor – the Earthshaker. A cannibal goddess, the patron of dinosaurs.

She is the malign mother goddess, in charge of earthquakes and all ills that emanate from the deep earth.