Check out this week’s Lore from Glorantha, the mythical universe behind Glorantha: The Gods War, and review the new Gods that will be part of our January 20 Kickstarter campaign!

The Origins of The Gods War: Storm

The Storm element burst into existence last of the five major elements. No room was available for it to exist, so it ruptured Earth and Sky, forcing Sky away from the world, and making its own place – the Middle Air.

Conflict ensued, and eventually the Storm King murdered the Sun God, triggering the start of the Gods War.

New Storm Gods

Three new greater gods are being added to the Storm element.

Storm Bull (below): the Desert Storm, deity of berserkers and purposeful violence, though often uncontrolled. The Storm Bull was one of the few entities powerful enough to try to stand against the chaos onslaught, and his warriors became famous for their insensate fury.

Lhankor Mhy (below): the gray-robed singer of the gods knows the Law and the History and the Geneology of all things. His wisdom tempers the Storm faction’s ferocity and renders it useful for humankind.

Vadrus (below): Though rain is a blessing, not all the Storm entities are benign. Vadrus represents everything that can go wrong with the atmosphere – freezing wind, stagnant calm, and the frost that kills.

Storm seeks to control Vadrus’s sinister might to aim it at their foes.