Check out this week’s Lore from Glorantha, the mythical universe behind Glorantha: The Gods War, and review the new Gods that will be part of our January 20 Kickstarter campaign!

The Origins of The Gods War

In the old days, the realm of darkness, trolls, and insects lived safely in Hell. But when the Sun God was murdered, he went to the afterlife himself, and his bright light drove the creatures of darkness out of Hell and onto the surface world.
So began the Gods War.

New Darkness Gods

Three new greater gods are being added to the Darkness faction.
Zorak Zoran: Mindless destruction. He is the troll’s rage and never ceases in that purpose even in death. His ways continue through into the afterlife and if you’re unlucky you too will serve him in undeath. He creates zombies of those slain whether friend or foe.

The Black Eater. The true secret of the trolls is that they are all devouring. They want to and their end goal is to eat everything.

The black eater is the pure embodiment of this aspect. Other empires no next to nothing about the black eater as those who encounter it are destroyed, via mastication most likely!


Xiola Umbar the magic goddess of Darkness is one of nurturing the troll wives. She is the reason that trolls are so plentiful and helps them spread across the land and protects the troll matriarchs.

The realm of darkness is harsh but she is the protector of weaker creatures in the troll empire.