Our first-ever project on Gamefound is now live! Our campaign page now includes scores of new information including videos, reviews, game play, links to “test drive” the games on Tabletopia, shipping details, and more!

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Gamefound’s page has a handy menu along the left hand side that lets you jump to specific sections that interest you. Make sure to scroll through each menu item to get all your questions answered!

Dig in now and decide whether you want one game … or all!

These four new games each feature monsters: Invasion of the Brood, Marry the Monster, Evacuate, and Potions & Profits.

Each game has a different theme, a wildly different gameplay, each is from a different game designer, each a terrifying addition to any game collection and EACH IS PRODUCED AND WILL BE READY TO BE SHIPPED TO YOU.

Check on Gamefound for more information and to pledge!