What about those giant figures?

From the start, I asked for 28mm figures. I knew they’d be expensive, but I really wanted them.

I had to fight like a demon to keep the figures so large. My partners wanted me to shrinky-dink them, but I needed cool giant figures to play with. Now I am the producer of the world’s most complete selection of Lovecraft horrors. If you want a model of Bokrug, or a Wamp, I am the purveyor, for instance. Who else can say that? (Well maybe anyone with a giant lizard model, but you get my drift.) The figures can, obviously, be used in any other game that uses this scale.

  • Core game – 64 figures including 5 Great Old Ones
  • playable Faction expansions – 108 figures including 6 more Great Old Ones
  • Azathoth expansion – 13 figures including Azathoth
  • Map expansions – 52 figures, including 6 Great Old Ones or Terrors
  • Gate expansion – 30 figures
  • Great Old One expansions – 15+ figures (all Great Old Ones)
  • Creature expansions – 30+ figures (including 3 Terrors)
  • Campbell expansions – 10 figures (including 4 Great Old Ones)
  • Turn marker – 1 figure
  • And on and on.

This total does NOT include the dozen or more figures coming as stretch goals. PLUS as every backer should be aware, there is a terrific playable game inside it all. It’s not just a set of fabulous figures.

This set has made my dreams come true of having affordable awesome figures of Lovecraft monsters. Yes it is not cheap, but we now have hundreds of figures available, of which many are so large they’d cost $15-35 bought singly. Even just buying the core game at full price ($199) gives you 64 figures, far more than you could get at retail. Plus even the “smaller” ones would be several bucks apiece. Let us make your Lovecraftian nightmares come true, too!

What is the Design Corner aspect of this post? That from the beginning I envisioned not just a board game, but a set of great figures and toys to play with, that would be available to every Lovecraft fan. 35 years ago I invented Lovecraft gaming with Call of Cthulhu. Now I have made it visual and tactile with Cthulhu Wars. Let’s go on this journey together.

When I was a child, my favorite toys were plastic dinosaurs, man I loved them. I could say “stegosaurus” at the age of 3, and knew what it meant. At the age of 8, I read Lovecraft for the first time and it blew me away (no I didn’t understand all I read). And from that time I wanted cool plastic figures of Lovecraft monsters, just like my dinosaurs. It took me over 50 years, but now I have them, and you can too!