Let’s face it – not every monster is equal. In the great Lovecraft family reunion, some are like your weird cousin Ted who only shows up to steal the cold cuts.

This April 1st …

Petersen Games knows you’re still curious about these losers — the monsters who didn’t make the final cut. We present Cthulhu Wars Duel: Family Reunion. Four new beings! Each has abilities and features NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN ANY CTHULHU WARS GAME.


It’s all being printed right now and ships in July 2021. Don’t wait — if you delay past this time, there MAY still be some copies of Cthulhu Wars Duel: Family Reunion available for purchase.

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The first player who reaches 6 Doom places Randolph — Lovecraft’s most famous hero — anywhere on the map. He starts on that player’s side. His abilities:

Disloyal — If he is Killed or Captured, he switches to the other player’s Pool and now works for them.

Man Was Not Meant to Know — If Randolph is at an enemy Gate, you can force your enemy to tell you their next Action.



The first person to do a Ritual of Annihilation places Junior anywhere on the map. He doesn’t belong to any faction, and has three abilities:

I Hate Everyone — In any battle in his area, Junior joins the attacker’s side.

I Don’t Care — He can’t be Killed, only Pained.

I’m Going to My Room — If Junior is at your Gate, you can move him into an adjacent area free; you can keep moving him through a series of your connected gates.

THE FORGOTTEN GOD: No we don’t know its name. It’s forgotten.

The first player to awaken this Great Old One places it anywhere on the map. It doesn’t belong to any faction. Its abilities:

No Wonder It’s Obscure — If you have a GOO in the Forgotten God’s area, you can move all your units for 1 Power, if you don’t move into or out of the Forgotten God’s area.

Get Rid of It — It’s included in any battle in its area. Either side can apply a kill or a pain to the Forgotten God. (It has Combat 0).

THE GREAT DODDERING ONE: A senile delinquent

The oldest player plops down the Great Doddering One during any Doom phase. It doesn’t belong to a faction. Abilities:

Do I Know You? — Either player can Move the Great Doddering One, or use it to Capture a Cultist. It stays out of battles though (it’s not sure why everyone’s fighting).

Respect Your Elder Gods! — You can battle the Great Doddering One if you declare battle on it directly. It does roll 4 dice.TGDO


The Old Ones have risen. Monsters walk the Earth. Humanity is finished, but the struggle continues. Which Great Old One will rule the ruins of Earth? Now, you take charge!

Cthulhu Wars Duel: Extinction is a fast-moving two player strategy game in which you play as The Sleeper, primordial god of slumber and hunger or Ithaqua, the Windwalker, god of outer space and all that is coldest and darkest. Each side is strikingly different with unique units, abilities and strategies available.

Cthulhu Wars Duel: Extinction is fully compatible with the original Cthulhu Wars Duel game. Both are standalone products, but Factions and Maps can be mixed and matched in any combination!

Cthulhu Wars Duel: Reunion

Cthulhu Wars Duel: Reunion


Cthulhu Wars Duel: Extinction

Cthulhu Wars Duel: Extinction