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Bayt-al-Azif recently featured an Interview with Sandy in their magazine. Jared Smith, the interviewer, has kindly provided a PDF of the interview for our readers!

If you are interested in the full magazine, you may purchase it on DriveThruRPG.

You went from designing RPGs to video games and board games. Those types of games can do some things better than RPGs can, so do you have any tips or lessons from that experience that can be applied back to RPG design?

SANDY: I have in fact taken things I learned in video games back to doing tabletop games. The idea of achievements for example; if a person has some cool accomplishment; this gives him a permanent mark or ability that never goes away. Also the idea of “montage sequences”. Now when my players are going on some kind of long trip that I haven’t fully planned out, I have them verbally put together a montage of their experiences and then, poof, they’re at their destination.