Our featured developer this week is none other than our beloved Production Manager, Arthur Petersen, who also happens to have designed Marry the Monster! Take a peek into his deranged mind and read his recent Designer Diary … but beware! You too may abandon your common sense and create something diabolical like vanquishing the Fachan!

“Once upon a time a huge foot crushed my home. It was connected to a Fachan  that mythological monster which has one of everything (one eye, one arm, etc.). I had been tinkering with a game design, but now that it was crushed, I decided to make a new one based on the Fachan.

I couldn’t really be upset at the Fachan. After all, everything is one for him. That meant there can only be one Fachan in the world. It makes sense, right? Furthering this line of thought, it’s long been my supposition that the Fachan is very lonely, and wanders the world looking for another of his kind. Just like The Monster in Bride of Frankenstein, he recognizes that he is not like a human. He is different, singular and single, and completely alone in the wide world.”