We have heard all your comments and we will be making complete VF and complete DE versions of EVERY PRODUCT offered on this campaign INCLUDING THE REPRINTS OF EVERYTHING from the first Planet Apocalypse Kickstarter (and including the boxes and maps).

However, there is a catch. We know from the previous Kickstarter, as well as our surveys, that the demand is limited (compared to the original version). Because of this, our print runs are smaller and therefore cost twice as much as an English version (yes, really). Additionally, we have extra costs for translation and design/layout work. So, we have to charge 10% surcharge for any product that is the German or French version to make it possible. This extra 10% charge will NOT be assessed during the Kickstarter, but via the pledge manager after the campaign is over (when you would pay for shipping). The pledge manager will default to English products. If you select VF or DE (from a language dropdown), it will automatically add 10% to the price of those products.

This is the FINAL WEEK of our last Kickstarter in 2020! You can still back Planet Apocalypse 2, the board game with NEW EXPANSIONS, and/or Planet Apocalypse the 5e sourcebook! Don’t miss out!