Tundra (Order)

Tundra is an intelligent polar bear, fighting for the Order. He is fairly tough (as you’d expect), and his weapon upgrades let him freeze dangerous enemies, which is both tactically and strategically useful. His special power is that all of the skulls he earns go directly into the War Camp’s skull pool, meaning that he is a major help to the other players, though this sometimes comes at a cost for his own advancement.

His Super ability lets him freeze all enemies on his tile, blocking entire groups of foes, and discouraging enemy heroes from grouping together (lest they all get stunned). In a PvP game, he can “buy” extra bears to add to your team’s waves of Minions – this ability means he can hang out defensively in your own fortress, while still contributing to your team’s offensive efforts. Of course, he is also useful on the offense, as his ability to stun with his weapon or his Super slows and weakens the enemy heroes’ efforts.

Tundra, his upgrades, and his character card are included free in every Order Edition box.

Mystery Hero A

Let me make it clear, this is not an “undecided” hero – we know exactly who he is, what his name is, and what his powers are. However, Robot Entertainment is reserving the announcement of this playable Order hero for a later date (as they have a perfect right to do!) so we are not able to give you his name, nor his appearance. (During the Kickstarter, this was actually an Unchained hero, but when Robot moved Ancestor to the ranks of the Unchained, this guy was moved to the Order, to keep the Force in balance I guess.)

Mystery Hero “A” is unusual, even for the wacky Orcs Must Die characters. His Vulnerability is not a fixed amount – instead, it is always the same as the unit that is attacking him. This means he is extremely resistant to powerful minions and even bosses, but he is susceptible to “energy projector” heroes such as Smolder or the Ancestor, who pack a powerful punch, but are weak defensively. His Super changes the Vulnerability of all enemies in his tile, rendering them much easier to kill. And his PvP ability makes enemy Heroes far more vulnerable. (Letting every die result hit them!)