The Yothans

Deep below the blue-lit cavern of K’n-Yan is the red-lit cavern of Yoth, inhabited by a race of intelligent reptiles. Long thought extinct, the few remaining Yothans now work with the Ancients.

Every faction has acolytes. Every faction has monsters. Yothans give their Ancients allies something unique – Terror. What’s more, they are the ONLY Terror that appears in groups (all the rest are loners).

The Yothans are one of the most powerful units. Not only are they resistant to many spellbooks since they are Terrors, but they have a Combat of 7! That’s more than Cthulhu! And the Ancients have three of them!

The Extinction spellbook means they only cost 3 Power, but gives them the serious drawback that when they are killed, they go back into the box, and can never be re-summoned again.

Naturally enough, some players freak out over these weaknesses and try to work around them. But the far cheaper price of getting the spellbooks far outweighs their disadvantages. Even the Yothan’s dire Extinction is not so terrible – usually you won’t need to use them in combat until the last turn or two, and if you are able to pace out your losses over time, all is well.

To be frank, if you lose your last Yothan near the end of the final turn, who cares? You won’t need him again, and really, if he died in battle, his 7 dice may well have done the job you summoned him for.

But, watch out. Crawling Chaos can use Flying Polyps to Invisibilitize cheap Ancient units so he can focus on killing Yothans, and Vengeance means Hastur is absolute poison to Yothans.