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We thought we’d seen the worst Hell has to offer. I mean, we’ve vanquished Great Cthulhu and the Spider Mastermind. We’ve beaten back countless demons and their Lords. What could Hell possibly still have to throw at us?

In the next few days we’ll ask YOU to help us break into the very Heart of Hell!

First, check out the FIVE livestreams this week!

  • Tues. 9/29 6 pm CDT (GMT -6) Illustrator Alyssa McCarthy draws the Gryllus Liege LIVE and answers your questions on Twitch
  • Wed. 9/30 1 pm CDT (GMT -6) Game desigher Sandy Petersen answers your questions about all things Planet Apocalypse on Facebook Live
  • Thursday 10/01 11 am (GMT-6) An interactive live play of Planet Apocalypse where YOU help play the game with a SECRET GUEST APPEARANCE. You don’t want to miss this one on Twitch
  • Fri. 10/02 1 pm CDT (GMT-6) Illustrator Graey Erb draws the newest concept art LIVE and answers your questions on Twitch
  • Mon 10/05 1 pm CDT (GMT-6) Illustrator Graey Erb draws the newest concept art LIVE and answers yoru questions on Twitch

But that’s not all! There’s more we need you to do … Read about it here.

This is the FINAL WEEK of our last Kickstarter in 2020! You can still back Planet Apocalypse 2, the board game with NEW EXPANSIONS, and/or Planet Apocalypse the 5e sourcebook! Don’t miss out!