Mission: The Esoteric Order (“The Order”) is a group of volunteers (“Acolytes”) that provide regional support for Petersen Games (PG) by demonstrating products at local game stores, events and conventions.


Each member of The Order will start out as an Initiate. They are then assigned to the Acolyte Program or the Emissary Program based on several key factors. Chief among them are availability and passion for gaming.

Once assigned, they will be given formal training by the EOD Manager to ensure compliance with the guidelines included below. Upon completion of their training, they will be given access to the Events Packet, Print-n-Play Materials, the Events Calendar, and be eligible to receive Perks for successfully executing their duties.

There are two programs that exist within the Esoteric Order. Each one has it’s unique purpose for Petersen Games. We are including an outline for both programs as well as the requirements below.

Acolyte Program

Are you interested in helping Petersen Games at events like Gencon, Origins, Essen Spiel? Do you have the drive to demonstrate games in your local game stores?

What about sharing your love of games with others?

If you’ve answered “YES” to one or more of these questions… Then you are exactly what we are looking for!

Acolytes are gamers who have backed one or more Petersen Games products in the past. Now you are ready to move onto the next challenge. Your quest begins here. But you are not alone… There are others who are on the same path ready to guide you through the gauntlet.


Our Acolytes are primarily workers for the various scheduled gaming events around the world. They work as Game Masters for demo tables. Provide player support. Answer questions regarding product. And above all else… They must know the games they are running!

They are not limited to events scheduled solely by Petersen Games. Many are already running their own events in local game stores. But they may not have as much time to devote to this activity due to their personal and professional lives.

This is where the Acolyte Program shines! We understand the need to promote our games while maintaining a healthy lifestyle balance.

Are you up for the challenge? If so, read on!


  • Complete the required training program.
  • Maintain active availability for events.
  • Confirm event attendance and pre-event cancellation per guidelines.
  • Participate in one or more scheduled Petersen Game Events per year.
  • -OR-
  • Run at least five different unscheduled events for Petersen Games per year.
  • Email pre- and post-game reports to the EOD Manager. (See the Events Packet for details).
  • Submit pictures from events to the Facebook page.
  • Obtain testimonials from gamers (with their permission) for use by Petersen Games.
  • Maintain active communications via Discord, Email, and Facebook.

Special Note:

These requirements are merely guidelines for the program. They may be changed at anytime without prior notification. So be sure to check back often for revisions!

Emissary Program

Do you have greater availability?

Are you wanting to do more than just work various scheduled gaming events?

Is there a natural desire within you to expand the minds of gamers in your local area?

Then the Emissary Program is the right choice for you. It expands upon the Acolyte Program by giving you the tools you need to promote Petersen Games in new and exciting ways.


The Esoteric Order was originally founded to provide volunteers for scheduled events for Petersen Games (events like Gencon). Our volunteers would aid the Petersen Games staff by running games and providing a wonderful experience for each gamer.

But not all volunteers like to work both scheduled gaming events and events of their own. So we took a hard look at the program. And it was decided that we needed to break the program into two separate groups. Acolytes would be primarily responsible for the various “Cons” while the Emissaries would focus more on regional expansion.

What do we mean by regional expansion?

We want our Emissaries to go out to their local game stores. Talk to both the store management and their local gamers. Provide us with feedback on these discussions. Run scheduled and unscheduled demos for these locations. And above all else… Have fun doing it!

Running events and playing games is your number one priority! So we want to make sure you have everything you need to make this a reality.


  • Meet or exceed all requirements noted in the Acolytes program.
  • Participate in two or more scheduled Petersen Game Events per year.
  • -OR-
  • Run at least ten different unscheduled events for Petersen Games per year.
  • Must be willing to speak with store management and local gamers.
  • Provide the EOD Manager with ongoing updates and communications.
  • Submit all required paperwork according to the Events Packet.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn and demo new PG products.

Special Note:

These requirements are merely guidelines for the program. They may be changed at anytime without prior notification. So be sure to check back often for revisions!


EOD Manager (“Magnum Innominandum” on Discord) – Responsible for the recruitment, training, and continued growth of both the Acolytes and Emissaries within The Order. Maintains the Volunteer Spreadsheet. Provides a central line of communication to all levels of membership. Coordinate directly with members of the Petersen Games Staff. Establish all necessary documentation for the various programs. Provide support for those running Events, including the pre- and post-event follow-ups. Ensure that Prize Support is available to those running Events. Manage the Print-n-Play library. Promotes members, “AS NEEDED”, to positions of Moderation or Management. And above all else… Sets the tone for the entire program.

Petersen Games Staff (“Outer Gods” on Discord) – They are our direct link to the company. All changes to the program go through them first. Each one provides unique insight into the program. They speak, we listen. It is through them at all things are possible. And it is through their continued efforts that our program exists!

Senior Moderators (“Great Old Ones” on Discord) – These men and women have proven themselves many times over to Petersen Games. They promote them every day. Support their ongoing programs. Provide invaluable feedback. Give insight to new and older members. And are willing to help us to build a better program. In the absence of the EOD Manager or Petersen Games Staff, the buck stops here!

Moderators (“High Priests” on Discord) – They are trusted members who help us maintain order and provide valuable insight to our membership. Each one works directly with upper management to ensure continued excellence. Most have extensive experience with multiple Petersen Games Products. So be sure to pick their brains if you need some advice!

Emissaries (“Emissary” on Discord) – Our hardcore promoters. These individuals have dedicated themselves to going out to their local game shops, running demos for Petersen Games and the store, and providing us with invaluable feedback. We can’t expand without their continued contributions!

Acolytes (“Acolyte” on Discord) – The backbone of our entire program! Without their aid at events like “Origins” and “Gencon”, we would not have the resources to demo our products to new gamers. While they may be focused on “Cons”, they also run local events on a smaller scale than our Emissaries.

Initiates (“Initiate” on Discord) – Our newest members! They are assigned the rank of Initiate until they can be placed in either the Acolyte or Emissary program. New blood is just as important to us as existing members. So be sure to provide them with any aid they require. Make them feel welcome!

Special Note:

This organizational structure may change at any time without prior notification. Promotions or Demotions are at the discretion of the EOD Manager and Petersen Games Staff.

Prize Support (for Events)

Depending on the size of the event, Acolytes may request prize support from PG. This support may include:

  • Miniatures
  • Books
  • Promo Cards
  • Misc. Prize Support

Requests for prize support need to be submitted two months before an event, unless PG staff make an exception

What’s in it for me?

  • Early access to PG news and product information.
  • Private communication channel with PG staff and other Acolytes.
  • Annual reward box with special ‘stuff’.
  • Assistance with free / discounted access to events.
  • Assistance with retail store communication.

The Dark Young: After each reporting year ends, we will review the reports and records for each Acolyte and recommend whether they remain active or are removed from The Order. At that time, reward boxes will be shipped and PG will announce a “Dark Young,” who will be invited to Texas for the Annual PG Summit each January.

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