The Esoteric Order of Petersen Games

Mission: The Esoteric Order (“The Order”) is a group of volunteers (“Acolytes”) that provide regional support for Petersen Games (PG) by demonstrating products at local game stores, events and conventions.



  • One PG staff In-Charge, responsible for managing information flow with Acolytes – including current catalog of games and upcoming releases (playtests and Kickstarters) that need support. This person will also educate new recruits.
  • As The Order grows, “High Priests” will be promoted as liaisons between PG and the rest of the Acolytes.

Recruitment: Acolytes must demonstrate a knowledge of PG and own at least one title in our current catalog. They must be able to deal with the public at large, realizing that they are not only representing PG and our entire community.

Acolytes outside the United States will need a passing understanding of English to ensure clear communication.

Standards: To be considered an active member of The Order, an Acolytes needs to earn at least 20 points (pro-rated) per reporting year. The reporting year will begin 01 October and end 30 September.

  • Demonstrations must be performed in a public venue, such as a library or game store. Private homes do not count.
  • Unscheduled Demonstrations are not promoted in advance. They’re the quintessential pick-up game at a local game store or convention. Acolytes earn 1 point for each two-hour unscheduled demonstration.
  • Scheduled Demonstrations are coordinated with, and promoted by, the venue. For example, a game store can post on Facebook or a convention can add a listing to the event program. Acolytes earn 2 points for each two-hour scheduled demonstration.

Reporting: Acolytes must submit reports each month, as well as immediately following any large event (6 hours or more). This report would contain what games were run, number of players present and any pertinent information about what occurred. Each product demonstration will have minimum requirements – time and number of participants – to qualify for points.


  • Early access to PG news and product information.
  • Private communication channel with PG staff and other Acolytes.
  • The Esoteric Order shirt(s).
  • Annual reward box with special ‘stuff’.
  • Assistance with free / discounted access to events.
  • Assistance with retail store communication.

The Dark Young: After each reporting year ends, we will review the reports and records for each Acolyte and recommend whether they remain active or are removed from The Order. At that time, reward boxes will be shipped and PG will announce a “Dark Young,” who will be invited to Texas for the Annual PG Summit each January.

Prize Support: Depending on the size of the event, Acolytes may request prize support from PG. This support may include:

  • Miniatures
  • Shirts
  • Books
  • Promo Cards

Requests for prize support need to be submitted two months before an event, unless PG staff make an exception.

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