Cthulhu Mythos Saga Subscription

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This subscription is for a continuing series of campaigns, each comprised of 4 physical books.  You will receive each book (or act) monthly.  A PDF version of each month’s adventure will be available for download immediately after each month’s subscription is billed.

This month includes Dark Worlds – Act 2:  Nithon

Each month’s renewal will include the next single act in the campaign series.   Previous acts may be purchased separately.

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Monthly Saga Subscription

$19.99 now, and $19.99 on the 4th of each month

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Dark Worlds Act 2

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Dark Worlds Act 2 (PDF)

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In Nithon, you traverse the Radiation Wastes of Yuggoth, encounter creatures and hazards from nightmare as you seek the Forest and City of Nithon. Here lies the Green Pyramid of the Watcher. The Pyramid awakens before your eyes, and you must explore its fearsome depths. Meanwhile, you are in constant threat of being caught up in the battles raging between the Watcher and its spawn versus the Fungi war-cyborgs.

All Acts are printed in full color on high quality paper with an elegant spot UV hardcover.