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Punch up your game with this expansion to Planet Apocalypse. It continues your adventure with travels into space! Also adds new Fourth Circle demons, Lords, heroes, and even troopers.

This is not a complete game. You must own Planet Apocalypse to make full use of this expansion.

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  • 10 new gift cards
  • 2 new legions – Annwn and Sheol
  • 2 new maps – Purgatory and Inferno
  • Optional New Regions: Japan, Israel, Australia and Brazil
  • Two new heroes: Dr. Hunter, and Cissy Salem
  • The Bellatrix, a unique Fourth Circle demon whose combat skills are unbeatable
  • The Philter, a unique Fourth Circle demon that heals other demons
  • The Tardigrade, a unique Fourth Circle demon that is literally indestructible
  • Geryon, a new multi-bodied Demon Lord

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