Have You Found It “Essentials” Miniature Pack


We’ve bundled together all the miniatures we feel are essential to your Have You Found It campaign!  Purchase as a set and receive a 10% discount!  Don’t need a full set?  Click on the icon next to the individual packs listed below to purchase separately.  Subscribe to Cthuthu Mythos Sagas campaigns, and receive an extra 10% off all miniatures – all the time (including this bundle).

Includes 20 blister packs that collectively include 6 Byakhee, 2 Dimensional Shambler, 4 Fungi from Yuggoth, 3 Ghast, 6 Ghoul, 1 Leng Spider,1 King in Yellow, 6 Mutant, , 6 Mythos Satyr, 6 Tcho-Tcho Acolyte, and 2 Wizard figures – 43 miniatures in all! 

Byakhee Blister Pack × 3

In stock

Dimensional Shambler Blister Pack

In stock

Fungi from Yuggoth Blister Pack × 2

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Ghast Blister Pack

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Ghoul Blister Pack × 2

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King in Yellow Blister Pack

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Leng Spider Blister Pack

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Mutant Blister Pack × 3

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Mythos Satyr Blister Pack × 3

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Tcho-Tcho Acolyte Blister Pack × 2

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Wizard Blister Pack

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Byakhee Blister Pack (x3)

“Not altogether crows, nor moles, nor buzzards, nor ants, nor vampire bats, nor decomposed human beings; but something I cannot and must not recall.” – H. P. Lovecraft  Contains 2 Byakhee figures.

Dimensional Shambler Blister Pack (x1)

Not from the realms we know, but between them. The Dimensional Shambler is an otherplanar predator who can strike anywhere, any time.  Contains 2 Shambler figures.

Fungi from Yuggoth Blister Pack (x2)

A crustacean-like fungus being from the stars. The species visits earth for purposes undreamed-of.  Contains 2 Yuggoth figures.

Ghast Blister Pack (x1)

A repulsive and primitive underworld being, scabrous and unwholesome, and, unfortunately, carnivorous.  Contains 3 Ghast figures.

Ghoul Blister Pack (x2)

Half human, half demon, the ghoul of Lovecraft’s imagination is no mere undead, but far worse.  Contains 3 Ghoul figures.

King in Yellow Blister Pack (x1)

Herald of Hastur; ruler of madness and art and joy and pain. Seek not to know what lies behind the Pallid Mask. Contains 1 King in Yellow figure.

Leng Spider Blister Pack (x1)

It is as intelligent as any human, but equipped with skills and hate beyond human’s ken.  Contains 1 Leng Spider figure.

Mutant Blister Pack (x3)

The first stage of degeneration from human to Outer God larva. How long can it hide its true nature? Contains 2 Mutant figures.

Mythos Satyr Blister Pack (x3)

The awful result of a human’s experimentation with the magic of the mythos. Now he (or she?) has deteriorated into a ravening animalistic horror.  Contains 2 Mythos Satyr figures.

Tcho-Tcho Acolyte Blister Pack (x2)

The Tcho-Tcho tribe worships the Great Old Ones in twisted rites. A Tcho-Tcho can be all-too-easily underestimated as a mere primitive, instead of feared as the magic adept and skilled killer that he really is.  Contains 3 Tcho-Tcho Acolyte figures.

Wizard Blister Pack (x1)

Falling deep under the sway of the great old ones, this occultist is now locked into permanent dependency on its symbiotic familiar.  Contains 1 Wizard figure.

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