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Evil High Priest Winter Sale!

Get ready for Evil High Priest 2 by getting a great deal on the original game and its expansions January 13 -31! Purchase the EHP core game and both expansions for $102 (15% discount – MSRP $120). Or, get just the core game for $54

Evil High Priest (EHP)

The Evil High Priest core game! Only one priest will gain the final glory of releasing your great old one and becoming the EVIL HIGH PRIEST!

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The Blood Ceremony Expansion (EHP-1)

The First Expansion for Evil High Priest! This adds 4 new cult boards + 4 Crawling Chaos Avatar cards + 12 new Monsters + 10 new Investigators + 10 new Priests

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The Dark Ritual Expansion (EHP-2)

The SECOND expansion for Evil High Priest, adding 4 new cult boards + the new Atomic resources + 3 glacier cards + 15 Slime Mold cards + the King in Yellow card + 9 new Monsters + 7 new Investigators + 8 new Priests!

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