Cthulhu Wars Miniatures STL Bundle



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Dark Demon - green Miniature STL


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Hound of Tindalos Miniature STL


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Black Goat Acolyte Miniature STL


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Sleeper Acolyte Miniature STL


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Our minis are super detailed and you can use most printers to print them.

However, the result will be much better if you use a resin 3D printer. You can use FDM, but we cannot guarantee a good result for small and highly detailed minis.

Due to it, we provide both pre-supported and non-supported minis to print. We recommend pre-supported minis only for resin printers.

You will receive access to miniatures files for 3D printing. This product does not include shipping physical miniatures. Purchase of this product does NOT include a retail license, and the files and any miniatures printed from them are for personal use only. You may not resell the files or any figures that you print from them.

This jagged, emaciated entity is shaped like a towering dog skeleton. The hounds travel in time, rather than space, and can burrow their way through the eons to reach those upon whom they have chosen to feed.


Nyarlathotep is infamous for his multiple shapes. As the Dark Demon, this pig-like humanoid is terrifying to behold, but the horror it leaves in its wake is far worse.

The Sleeper Acolyte worships Tsathoggua, who is keenly interested in them because he is always hungry for sacrifice. They are often sane and rational, if callously so.

Another name for Shub-Niggurath. This massively pregnant beast lashes with writhing tentacles and hungry mouths as she takes each heavy step. The sight of her fills you with loathing and repulsive impulses.