The Big Sleep “Essentials” Miniature Pack


We’ve bundled together all the miniatures we feel are essential to your Big Sleep campaign!  Purchase as a set and receive a 10% discount!  Subscribe to Cthuthu Mythos Sagas campaigns, and receive an extra 10% off all miniatures – all the time (including this bundle).

Includes 14 blister packs that collectively include 6 Acolytes, 2 Byakhees, 1 Formless Spawn, 2 High Priests, 1 Nightgaunt, 4 Serpent Men, 1 Shantak, 1 Tsathoggua, and 2 Wizards – 20 miniatures in all! 

Acolyte Blister Pack × 3

Only 7 left in stock

Byakhee Blister Pack

In stock

Formless Spawn Blister Pack × 2

In stock

High Priest Blister Pack

In stock

Nightgaunt Blister Pack × 2

In stock

Serpent Man Blister Pack × 2

In stock

Shantak Blister Pack

In stock

Tsathoggua Blister Pack

In stock

Wizard Blister Pack

In stock

Only 15 left in stock


Acolyte Blister Pack (x3)

From his ancient tome he intones the words of power. Beware, sane world. The realm of madness awakens at his command.  Contains 2 Acolyte figures.

Byakhee Blister Pack (x1)

“Not altogether crows, nor moles, nor buzzards, nor ants, nor vampire bats, nor decomposed human beings; but something I cannot and must not recall.” – H. P. Lovecraft   Contains 2 Byakhee figures.

Formless Spawn Blister Pack (x2)

“The explorers found living things that oozed along stone channels and worshiped the toad-thing Tsathoggua. Those who escaped alive sealed the passage leading to the Formless Spawn’s realm of nether horror.” – H. P. Lovecraft  Contains 1 Formless Spawn figure.

High Priest Blister Pack (x1)

He leads the rites of old. It is time to awaken the great old ones! Iä! Iä!  Contains 2 High Priest figures.

Nightgaunt Blister Pack (x2)

Winged beings with horns, claws, a barbed tail, and no face. They carry off their victims to an unknowable fate.  Contains 1 Nightgaunt figure.

Serpent Man Blister Pack (x2)

Ancient but not yet extinct. His magic, poisons, and science is lethal, but is it enough?  Contains 2 Serpent Man figures.

Shantak Blister Pack (x1)

A speedy scaled mount to carry your cultists and monsters across the continents.  Contains 1 Shantak figure.

Tsathoggua Blister Pack (x1)

The Sleeper, Tsathoggua squeezes his way up through the rock to take his place on the surface world. His long slumber has left him voracious. Feed him!  Contains 1 Tsathoggua figure.

Wizard Blister Pack (x1)

Falling deep under the sway of the great old ones, this occultist is now locked into permanent dependency on its symbiotic familiar.  Contains 2 Wizard figures.

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