3 Nightgaunts


3 Nightgaunts, remodeled slightly to increase durability!

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The Colouring Book Out of Space

Printed on deluxe wood free paper this coloring book has all your favorite monsters to color! From Great Cthulhu to the lowliest Nightgaunt, this book has it all - forty enormous and enormously terrifying black and white illustrations along with descriptions (on facing pages). The back of each coloring page is black so whatever media you choose to color with, you won't mess up the next page!

Also get a free PDF of the book upon purchase!

Acolyte Blister Pack

From his ancient tome he intones the words of power. Beware, sane world. The realm of madness awakens at his command.

Contains 2 Acolyte figures.  Color of miniatures may vary from photo.

Nightgaunt Blister Pack

Winged beings with horns, claws, a barbed tail, and no face. They carry off their victims to an unknowable fate.

Contains 1 Nightgaunt figure.  Color of miniature may vary from photo.

Flying Polyp Blister Pack

A horrible elder being, utterly alien. It is only partly material – as we understand matter. It preys horribly upon all earth life.

Contains 2 Flying Polyp figures.  Color of miniatures may vary from photo.

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