The Sleeper Rising is the 1st Act of The Big Sleep Saga sprung from the fevered brain of Sandy Petersen! It ships the first week of February.
In Act 1: The Sleeper Rising, you and your fellow heroes are caught between the religious police and a cabal of hidden cultists. Recruited by the king of Axphain, you must begin to root out the cultists. You discover a network of tunnels converging on the Royal Place, which leads to high-stakes intrigue and investigation.

At the King’s masquerade ball, an eldritch horror is unleashed, and the ultimate abomination rises above the city! Yet, this is only the beginning — volume 1 of The Big Sleep — an entire campaign devoted to exploring the terrors and wonders of the Great Old One Tsathoggua — the Sleeper.

75+ full color pages in hardcover of Cosmic Horror!

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