The Apprentice

She is a support hero, best used as part of a solid team. She is good to have along whether you are attacking or defending. She can shut down enemy heroes to an extent, and supercharge her allies. Her weapons give her a lot of flexibility – she is able to target any kind of foe, but she doesn’t do a lot of damage at any one time.

This is contrast to some other heroes, who can really dish out damage, but only vs. certain enemies. (Cygnus the Master and Temper are examples of the latter – Cygnus is highly effective against gnolls, kobolds, and the ilk, but somewhat less so against orcs, while Temper is the reverse.) Apprentice by contrast can always inflict some harm.


Blackpaw the Gnoll

He uniquely can move twice in a turn, so he could, for example, move, attack, then move again to get out of harms’ way, which enemies find frustrating. He has a large number of fairly generic attack dice, but is weak defensively (like the gnoll minions in the game), so he is helped by defensive items. Without any kind of protection, he is an eggshell with a hammer. His speed does let him escape a lot of sticky situations though.