The Ancestor 

The Ancestor looks like a creeptastic undead. He started out as the noble founder of the Order, and was an Order character during the Orcs Must Die Kickstarter, but then Robot decided to transfer him to the Unchained side. He is relatively low in health, and easy to strike, but he gains health by killing his enemies (or wounding them, in the case of enemy heroes). As a result, his health is constantly fluctuating.

He has to time his Super for the right moment to get the best result out of it. While it drops his health to 1 briefly, he gets to add a LOT of damage to his attack, which heals him right away.

His weapon upgrades are amazingly flexible – giving him a choice of different specialty dice for each upgrade, so he can craft each individual attack to kill the most possible enemies, which of course then also heals him!

Orcs Must Die Ancestor

Orcs Must Die Ancestor


Stinkeye, as befits his nature as a huge monster, has decent health, and quite excellent resistance to damage. It can be hard to beat him down. His special ability is used to mimic his ability in the online game to plant totems. Basically he can “plant” 1 skull in a tile per turn. Later, when he is in the same tile with one or more planted skulls, he can add 1 attack die per skull, after which he has to discard only one of the skulls. So he can use this to either discard a single skull for 1 die, or he can plan ahead, laying down dice multiple turns in a row to get a better deal. For example, if he spends 3 turns planting skulls, then when he finally attacks, he’ll add 3 dice, but only discard one skull.

Then he can attack again next turn, for 2 bonus dice, discarding another, and so forth.

In effect, by planning ahead, he got 2 bonus dice per skull. His Super is fantastically good, because it lets him get The Perfect Roll, in which every die is absolutely what he needs. If he can combine this with his skull “totems” he can really wreak disaster on the enemy. His weapons wield arcane damage, which is not always useful, but his other abilities mean he has the potential to be deadly in any situation.

Orcs Must Die Stinke Eye

Orcs Must Die Stinke Eye

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