Call of Cthulhu Terror Paths is a tabletop cooperative experience for several players. All players take on the role of Investigators, who work together as a team. The game comes with two maps, each with wildly different scenarios. Coming in 2022.
Sandy thought you might enjoy a peek at the various scenarios that he designed for Terror Paths, his upcoming cooperative Call of Cthulhu board game. We’re also including his adventure gameplay notes.

Today’s scenario: Beyond the Wall of Time …

Scenario: Beyond the Wall of Time

Out hunting near the canyon, you are attacked by a monster! At least, you think it it’s a monster. After gunning it down, you realize it is a small dinosaur. You hear an unnatural howl nearby.

It must have to do with the cave. Cops have better things to do than get killed. This is a job for you and your friends. Armed and ready, you head into the cave to see what what’s going on.

Sandy’s Gameplay Notes

Back in the Rock Canyon Caverns, you face an invasion of time. Entities from the distant past and the far future have built time gates, which you must find and turn off.

Meanwhile, the fearsome entities themselves keep pouring through rifts in time and turning the gates back on! It’s a race before encroaching threat dooms you all.

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