Now it’s story time.

I get nightmares. A lot. Some are even recurring nightmares. Some are one-offs. I suppose it makes sense – i spend my working hours immersed in Lovecraftiana, and much of my leisure hours are reading horror stories or watching scary movies.

Now, while I’m HAVING the nightmares, it’s not fun. When I’ve found my way into the secret room of one of my recurring dreams, thumbing through the yellowed papers and ancient books therein; and then IT comes … I’m petrified. Sometimes my wife shakes me awake, because I’m crying out as I sleep.

But – when I wake up, I think “that was pretty cool. I can use that.” And often the nightmare gets placed into an adventure or a game. A lot of my creepy ideas & revelations about Lovecraft’s monsters have come this way.

So I basically take the attitude that sleep-Sandy can suck it. Yeah, his dream life is awful, but waking Sandy can use it all!

Now you know.

 – Sandy P.