Sandy is one of the authors of 1986’s award-winning Ghostbusters roleplaying game. Not only was that frightfully cheerful roleplaying game the first ever RPG to use a dice pool mechanic, it was also one of the main inspirations for the Awfully Cheerful Engine — a new action comedy role playing game. We thought you’d like to see what Sandy has to say …

“I decided that before sitting down to the gruesome endeavor of writing the Awfully Cheerful Engine! foreword, I’d stop by the store and get some snacks. You know  pork rinds, crappy 7-11 nachos, diet Dr Pepper. To fortify the inner man for the task. Before I left, I called to my wife upstairs. “Hey, you want something from the store?” She was in the shower, and all I heard was “garble garble Red Monkeys burble.” Red monkeys? Must be some new thing. Maybe a brand of glue for one of her projects? Who knew. 

Anyway, I walked into the store, and, having no idea what red monkeys were, walked over to the proprietor and asked, ‘Do you have any red monkeys?’ 

“WHAT did you ask?!” he shouted, his face turning as red as a monkey.” 

What happened next?