We are releasing our latest fiction work: Hyperspace! Next week you’ll be able to buy the ebook or the paperback on Amazon! Read about popular sci-fi author, Lee Stephen. 

“Arbiter of a planetary dispute between two of the Lernaean Cluster’s most disreputable civilizations, interplanetary diplomat and socialite Aurora Ultraviolet finds herself responsible for determining ownership of a critical border world. Will she give the world to the Broodmasters, grotesque, telepathic blobs who force their will upon all they meet? Or will the planet go to the Dacians, hypnotic space gargoyles bent on wiping out the Broodmasters completely?” 

“Join Aurora and her two nieces as they traverse the stars in their space yacht, the Illustré, into the heart of a conflict that threatens the very balance of the cluster! Witness their daring journey through the eyes of Velistris, a crystalline Zepzeg who acts as communications specialist and beautician, and Hank-is-Handy, an ogreish Vorck who serves as engineer and security officer! Experience a perilous mission rife with strange creatures, confounding quandaries, and fabulous hair! In a situation with so many perspectives and possibilities, there is but one thing for certain—you will never look at humanity the same way again!”