Sandy of Cthulhu: The Trial of Billy Jack
In his latest Sandy of Cthulhu YouTube video, Sandy asks the IMPORTANT question: “Why are older bad movies great, but newer bad movies are terrible?”

Sandy wraps up his interview with Ken Begg from Jabootu: Bad Movie Dimensions ( by discussing the elements that have changed in movies over the years that destroy the “fun.” Reminisce with these two “bad movie” aficionados, and expand your list of must see gems!

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When Billy Jack went berserk he certainly didn’t foresee his own law of diminishing returns by the time he got to Washington. Born Losers was a good action film, Billy Jack was possibly heavy handed in its message but I saw that when I was like eight years old and the message resonated pretty hard. Trial and Washington I have very little memory of and I own the boxed set.
– The Balalaika Remains