New 4th Circle Demons.

Three of the new Fourth Circle Demons are categorized as “Swarms.” These include the Killakee Swarm, the Imp Swarm, and the Wraith Swarm.

The Imp is of course based on the imps of legend, which haven’t yet showed up in Planet Apocalypse.

To represent their “swarming” nature, when the Imp is finally killed, roll Despair Dice and spawn new minions in its area as if an invasion token had been revealed. If you wait too long to kill the Imp, you might be better off ignoring it, rather than risking 4-5 demons appearing so close to your gate.

The rumors are TRUE! This Fall we will be not only releasing Planet Apocalypse 2, the board game, but also Planet Apocalypse the 5e sourcebook on Kickstarter!

The Return to Planet Apocalypse Kickstarter will have some great new expansions for our much-praised board game while the RPG supplement will show you how turn any fantasy world into a post-apocalyptic landscape where the heroes fight alongside surviving remnants to merely stymie the fiendish hordes.

Each week we are releasing a Design Corner from Sandy that gives you a sneak peek of art from these new projects.