What are the Reanimated?

The Ancients are able to use their science revivify dead tissue, letting it move and perform tasks. They use these living corpses as workers or warriors, and can even reanimate a portion of a corpse.

They generally use the corpses of criminals or heretics for this. Or now, in the Cthulhu Wars, captured prisoners.

In the original tale, they use simple mutilated bodies to frighten intruders. But we know they can attach appliances & weapons to their forms in times of need (or war), so our example is heavily-armed.

In other words, Lovecraft invented the idea of atomic-powered zombies. And now they are in Cthulhu Wars!

How Do I Use Reanimated?

As with the other Ancients units, you get three. The Reanimated have a combat of 2. With their Mindless spellbook, they only cost 1 Power – a bargain! In fact, the best cost-to-combat ratio of any faction monster!

Their disadvantage is that they are not self-willed. If no non-Reanimated Ancients units are in their area, they can’t initiate battle, move, or capture, but just sit idly, awaiting instructions.

They pack a good punch, and are great gate guards. Because you always have to accompany them with another unit (typically a cultist or un-man), they can be expensive to move.

Unlike most 2 Combat units, they are so cheap you don’t mind taking them as losses, which is nice when preserving a Yothan or a garrisoned gate.