We’ve added seven new Lords for this campaign, so let’s discuss them!

Belphegor as the demon of laziness and idle hands has the power of Sloth. When you fight him, he hands out Sloth tokens over time. These have several effects. The scariest is that when a hero with a Sloth tokens wants to retreat from Hell Time, he must roll 1d4 – if the roll is equal to or less than his Sloth, he can’t retreat. So this is a real risk. If you have 4 Sloth tokens, you can never retreat!

Fortunately, Belphegor only has six Sloth tokens so by the time they’ve all been handed out, with luck no one will have accumulated 4. Unfortunately, once Belphegor runs out of Sloth tokens, when it’s time for him to give another, he instead gains 1d4 health! This lets him regenerate over time so if you delay battling Belphegor too long, it makes him harder and harder to take down. ThIs Lord is much easier to deal with if you front-load your attacks, but of course that is not always easy either.

Each week leading up to our Kickstarter campaign this Fall, we will release a Design Corner from Sandy focusing on the new Planet Apocalypse 2 characters as well as sneak peek with art from these new projects.