We’ve added seven new Lords for this campaign, so let’s discuss them!

Choronzon is the demon of madness and inconsistency. Its battle effect is quite odd – unlike other Lords, the heroes don’t get to choose who is attacked. Instead each hero must pick a different number equal to or lower than 10 which is higher than his Toughness. Choronzon rolls 6d10. If ANY of Choronzon’s dice match a hero’s picked number, then the whole attack affects him.

For example, let’s say that Tony, George, Nathan, and Alyssa are battling Choronzon in Hell Time. It’s time for Choronzon’s attack, so each of them must choose a number – boringly, they choose 7, 8, 9, and 10 respectively.

Each week leading up to our Kickstarter campaign this Fall, we will release a Design Corner from Sandy focusing on the new Planet Apocalypse 2 characters as well as sneak peek with art from these new projects.

Choronzon’s roll is 3, 6, 6, 7, 8, and 10. George’s Toughness is 3, while the others are only 1 or 2. Tony, George, and Alyssa each had their number appear in Choronzon’s roll, but at least Nathan is missed. Tony and Alyssa each take a full 6 damage from the attack, because all 6 of Choronzon’s dice beat their Toughness. George is missed by the die roll of 3, so “only” takes 5 damage. That was a tough attack and shows how Choronzon works.

Since a common Hell Time tactic is to pick the Lord’s target from someone who can probably weather it, this makes Choronzon a fairly deadly enemy. You’ll need to drag a bunch of troopers in with you to absorb those semi-random hits! Of course, sometimes he won’t hit anyone, which is the nature of randomness.