Ben Donges, Designer of Eternal Adversary, has launched his own project called Pirates of Atlantis. We like to support our partners, so here’s a quick run-down:

Pirates of Atlantis features a substantial amount of great content for any tabletop gamer. Bringing this campaign to Kickstarter allows the project to grow to it’s fullest potential. Beyond what is already offered in the pledge levels there are concepts for many more Full-Size Ships, Creatures of Atlantis, Pirate Captains, and some Hidden Treasures along the way.

Taking this project to Kickstarter allows for more customer interaction and gives you, the backers, the ability to choose what you want when it comes to stretch goals and more content.

The pledges also let you pick and choose what you want. If you are only interested in the Captains, just back the Captains. If you want the Ships, get the Ships. Do you want the creatures? Then get the creatures.

In true Pirate spirit, “Get what you want, forget the rest”.  More Info.