Three new greater gods are being added to the Chaos faction.

The new War God of Chaos is Wakboth, the personification of moral evil. Wakboth was the original child of the Unholy Trio, referenced in a previous newletter. When Wakboth entered the universe, he set foot on the Spike, and this immediately shattered it, changing the nature of the cosmos forever.

The Secret God of Chaos is Kajabor, origin of entropy. Kajabor is the God Killer – a mindless un-entity that has neither personality nor emotion. It simply destroys.

The Magic God of Chaos is Cacodemon, who was originally spawned as a fragment of Wakboth, the War God. Cacodemon came to humankind, and from us created the Chaos Tribe, who became the ogres – human-seeming beings who hide within our society, both predators and parasites on other humans.