The Skydome is the high ceiling of the universe of Glorantha, dotted with stars. The Sun God travels across it, and the stars shed their pure light upon the world.

They are strict and moral, and hold tightly to their rules, even as the stars do not wander from their places. The Gods War started when the Sun God was murdered, and sent to Hell, removing almost all light from the world. These new gods emerged to fight the enemies of the Sky.


Tough times demand tough gods. Shargash the Murderer emerged to wreak havoc upon the enemies of Sky.


In strict contrast to Shargash’s bloody rituals, Dayzatar chose to rise above the disorder of the war and remove himself from the world.

He is still sought by those who value purity above power.

Chalana Arroy

She chose a middle path to react to the war. She interacts with the world to cleanse disease, heal wounds, and raise the dead.

But she does not fight or kill, so retains her inner sanctity.