Ghoul (concept, skull and muscular dissections): Being described with both human and canine features, I felt that showing the creature’s skull would be particularly interesting. The dissection shows how the Ghoul’s skull and musculature is primarily human, but retains some primitive mammalian features as well.

Gnoph-keh (concept, body dissection): This is a particularly mysterious creature, so I went with a couple of tendencies I noticed from PG’s CW and RPG supplements. As per the creatures’ description in short stories, they are large, carnivorous (often cannibalistic) creatures that live in the arctic circle. They have six limbs and can switch between hexapodal and quadrupedal locomotion.

If needed, they can move bipedally for a limited amount of time. As monstrous as they may seem, their dissection reveals a close relationship with primates and even hominins, suggesting that they’re the result of spontaneous or provoked mutation (i.e.: a form of mythos satyrs).