Here is a sneak preview of the Phagus, who will debut next month in Dark Worlds, Act 4.

The Phagus is one of the mi-go and greys’ bioengineering experiments gone well: a dangerous and extremely aggressive predator that is very responsive to the control mechanisms that have been implanted into its brain. The Phagus responds to the orders of greys or mi-go and has enough intelligence to comprehend chain of command.

In combat, it throws itself at the most physically challenging enemy nearby, relying on its heavy armor and deadly claws to overcome its prey. Even when it is surrounded by foes, it focuses all its attacks on one creature at a time, seeking to rip them apart as quickly as it can. After killing its prey, the Phagus uses its claws to saw off their skull or other protections before it absorbs and feeds off their cranial fluids with its hair like follicles.