The hounds of Tindalos dwell in the unthinkably distant past. Unfortunately, this does not keep present-day dwellers safe from them.

Meet the Monster: Hounds of Tindalos

The hounds travel in time, rather than space, and can burrow their way through the eons to reach those upon whom they have chosen to feed.

Their goals are mysterious, but they are said to hunger after a particular food source abundant in humanoid bodies: perhaps a physical substance or some sort of spiritual energy.

Because they live in the past, the hounds must be contacted or somehow alerted to a potential prey’s presence. Any form of time travel has a chance of giving off energies or vibrations that the hounds can sense, after which they may come after the victim.

Physical Attributes: This jagged, emaciated entity shaped like a towering dog skeleton glistens with a blue sheen.