In this introduction to new monsters from Terror Paths, Sandy describes the dire Dhole Hatchling.

Meet the Monster: Dhole Hatchling

What you see: This creature has a three-pronged mouth and a huge limbless body with gill-like slits along the sides.

When a world is newly-attacked by dholes, the starting infestation consists necessarily of mere hatchings, so if these can be exterminated, the world can be saved. Once a dhole hatchling reaches maturity, removing the infestation becomes an epic endeavor, if not impossible.

Due to their comparatively small size, dhole hatchlings can sometimes be summoned by arcane rites, though this is dangerous, as no one wants dholes to burrow through their world. The hatchlings are only “comparatively” small: they are still 50 feet long (or more, as they grow) and weigh several dozen tons.