Meet John Dark

Who is John Dark?

John Dark is an occultist, who sold his soul to Otherworld Forces, and now regrets his decision. He now fights on the side of right until that dark day comes when he must pay the ultimate price with his mind and soul. John Dark has the Hellbound ability, which decrees that if he is in his owner’s Unit pool, and his owner just earned an Elder Sign, instead of getting the Sign he “gets” to place John for free anywhere on the Map. (Ouch). So John’s owner wants to keep him in play – but he is not really a benefit. Other players of course want to sneak John away to their areas to Kill or Capture him. (Yes, you can Capture Investigators like Capturing Cultists).

A Story From Sandy

Way back when I was still in grammar school, my friends and I invented alternate personas to take on when we played together. Mine was John Dark – who I always envisioned as rather sinister, sort of like the characters my heroes Boris Karloff, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and Vincent Price played in my favorite movies. Anyway, that’s whence John Dark, and why he is the way he is. There are more secrets behind him, and the other heroes.

At least when I was growing up, almost every high school had a husky, football-playing kid nicknamed “Bear”, or named after some other friendly animal. In my school, the kid was named “Moose”. (Hi Cory, on the slim chance you’re reading this!). So Moose was the nickname I took for my husky, friendly, tough. Now you know. Oh yeah, my friend “Moose” wasn’t named Kowalski. That last is just because I like the name, and because I stereotype Poles as friendly, helpful, folks.