Check out this week’s Lore from Glorantha, the mythical universe behind Glorantha: The Gods War, and review the new Gods that will be part of our January 20 Kickstarter campaign!  Learn more about Glorantha by going here:

Lore of the Moon

The Moon is the newest and the most divisive of the elements. It rose into the Middle Air and immediately stimulated conflict with all the other elements. The cyclic Lunar element dominates all its tactics.


Natha, The Balancer, and war goddess of Moon. Her harbinger is the Black Moon, intangible, unreal, seen by its effects on the Moon Goddess itself.


Annilla – the Goddess of the Blue Moon, and the ultimate goddess of secret powers, such as conspiracies, the tides, and the vast forces that underly society.

She is personified by the Blue Moon, which falls from the skydome as the Blue Streak, and then must laboriously climb from Hell to the Skydome again.


Rashorana – the Midwife of Time, represented by the White Moon, which has never risen, but whose presence is dearly wished by all.

Her benign gaze marks the end of war and pain.