Do you love RPGs and suspect Planet Apocalypse may not be our final work? Well you’re right! Dreamlands — an entire new RPG system, is under development, and we want to give you a sneak peek at the book and the designer.

Enter Dreamland, a fairytale-like world outside of time, a place of strange cities, jungles and deserts, dragons and zoogs. You are a dreamer, one of the few people able to visit Dreamland, where your precious memories of waking life are the fuel to shape the dreamworld … but lose too many memories and you might wake up a changed person, or never wake up at all. Dreamland is a surreal fantasy RPG inspired by The Neverending Story, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath and the works of Lord Dunsany. DM’ed by the designer, Jason Thompson.

Jason Bradley Thompson first entered the Dreamlands by drawing a graphic novel adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. He has also worked as an ENnie Award-winning illustrator for Dungeons & DragonsCall of CthulhuSwordfish Islands, Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Magical Kitties Save the Day!; co-designer of the tabletop games Mangaka and Cartooner; a manga editor for VIZ; and story artist on Minions: The Rise of Gru. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and their daughter.