Independent Great Old Ones, Part Two

Mother Dagon

<generates random number> this time I got Mother Dagon, so let’s see how SHE affects the entire game. Well, Mother Dagon’s spellbook is the Zygote – the way this works is, when you recruit a Cultist, you pay 1 Power and then place all Cultists from the Pool. I.e., not just one.

So naturally this completely changes the way you recruit and use Cultists! You don’t mind at all when they are killed en masse, and it’s a godsend to factions who tend to lose a lot of cultists (Cthulhu & Black Goat spring to mind). Now Mother Dagon affects YOUR strategy and how you plan your game but not so much your enemies, though of course they are affected by your actions.

So she is quite a major factor in your gameplay, but works kind of the opposite from Abhoth. As you may recall from the last update, Abhoth affects other players strategies, and messes with their plans, limiting their options. But Mother Hydra expands your options instead.